Imagining Canada’s Digital Twin is an exploration of the idea of a digital twin for Canada.

ICDT proposes a national, inclusive, and multidisciplinary research consortium for the creation of a technical, cultural, and ethical framework for building Canada’s digital twin. We see this initiative as a necessary next step in placing Canada at the vanguard of the digital economy. The scope for this initial phase of research will focus on a digital twin of the built environment concentrating on Canada’s Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner Operator (AECOO) industry.

Why are we imagining Canada’s digital twin?

ICDT is an opportunity to develop a leadership role for Canada’s AECOO industry in the integration of innovative digital technologies. In Canada, buildings account for approximately 53% of total energy use and 35% of GHG emissions. However, they also contribute to about 15% of Canada’s GDP; making the AECOO industry a formidable economic driver. Digital twin technology has the ability to improve and optimize the entire lifecycle (design, construction, operation, and management) of the built environment. Exploring this potential could provide tremendous value to the AECOO industry and beyond.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is an ecosystem of multi-dimensional
and interoperable subsystems made up of three parts:

A physical thing
in the real world
The digital version
in virtual space
Synchronized data connections between them

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